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1.1250-5ACME-2G LH
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1.1250-5ACME-2G LH

       SOWANT Provide a Complete Line Of General Purpose ACME Thread ring Gages,General-purpose ACME thread gages · Material:Oil hardened tool steel-Gcr15, high wear resistance. · Hardness: 58-62 HRC · Ring gages are solid.

sowant offers a complete line of standard and special General Purpose Acme Thread Gages per ASME B1.5 - 1997. Acme Thread Gauges are used to gage internal and external threaded product. Acme Thread Gages are priced on request. The following list of diameters and associated pitches are recommended as preferred. The threads below have been specifically selected to meet requirements with the least number of items in order to keep to a minimum the inventory of gages and tooling. Other size combinations including multiple start threads, centralizing threads, Stub Acme, Centralized Stub Acme, 60 degree Stub and diameters over 5.0 inches can be priced on request. Acme General Purpose threads have 3 classes of fit - 2G, 3G, and 4G. WHEN YOU NEED QUOTATION, EMAIL TO US NOW

General Purpose Threads class 2G, 3G, and 4G are designed with clearance on all diameter which enables free movement. General Purpose These threads are ideal for assemblies where the internal thread is rigidly fixed and the external thread moves perpendicular to its axis. It is recommended that threads of the same class should be assembled together. Class 2G is the most popular thread class of fit. Class 3G and 4G should be used if less backlash is required. MANY WORK PLUGS IN STOCK. CAN SHIP OUT IN 2 WEEKS

Centralizing Acme thread gauges are designated by the letter C and the classes of fit are designated as 2C, 3C, and 4C.

Other types of threads are Stub Acme and Centralizing Stub Acme.

All Acme threads have a 29 degree included angle. ALL THREAD GAUGES CAN INCLUDE 3RD CALIBRATION REPORTS.

The abbreviations listed below are recommended for correct thread nomenclature on gages, tools and drawings.

ACME = ACME Threads
G=General Purpose
LH=Left Hand

1   3/4-8UN-2A T00000246GO P:1.6660-1.6665   inch
 NOGO PD:1.6590-1.6595 inch
1 5/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G T00000247GO PD:1.5387-1.5398   inch
 NOGO PD:1.5172-1.5183 inch
1 7/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G T00000248GO PD:1.7882-1.7893   inch
 NOGO PD:1.7661-1.7672 inch
7/8-5 ACME-2G LH T00000249GO PD:0.7665-0.7675   inch
 NOGO PD:0.7485-0.7495 inch
1 1/4-5 ACME-2G LH T00000250GO PD:1.1401-1.1411   inch
 NOGO PD:1.1210-1.1220 inch
1/4-20UNC-2B T00000251GO PD:0.2175-0.2178   inch
 NOGO PD:0.2221-0.2224 inch
2 3/4-4 STUB ACME-2G T00000252GO PD:2.6750-2.6761   inch
 NOGO PD:2.6988-2.6999 inch
3 1/8-4 STUB ACME-2G T00000253GO PD:3.0500-3.0511   inch
 NOGO PD:3.0745-3.0756 inch
3/8-16UNC-2B T00000254GO PD:0.3344-0.3347   inch
 NOGO PD:0.3398-0.3401 inch
1 3/8-8UN-2B T00000255GO PD:1.2938-1.2942   inch
 NOGO PD:1.3027-1.3031 inch

1.000-8UN-2AT00000257GO PD:0.9164-0.9168   inch
 NOGO PD:0.9100-0.9104 inch

5 3/16-4 HBPV LH
21-121-P18H通规大径:5.1845-5.1850   inch
    通规中径:5.1470-5.1475 inch
    止规大径:5.1845-5.1850 inch
    止规中径:5.1565-5.1570 inch

5/16-18 UNC-2A 21-124-R01AGO PD:0.2749-0.2752   inch
 NOGO PD:0.2712-0.2715 inch
1/2-13UNC-2A  21-124-R02CGO PD:0.4482-0.4485   inch
  NOGO PD:0.4435-0.4438 inch
5/8-11UNC-2A 21-124-R03DGO PD:0.5641-0.5644   inch
 NOGO PD:0.5589-0.5592 inch
1-1/8-10UNS-2A 21-124-R04EGO PD:1.0578-1.0581   inch
  NOGO PD:1.0519-1.0522 inch
1-1/4-8UN-2A 21-124-R05FGO PD:1.1663-1.1667   inch
  NOGO PD:1.1597-1.1601 inch
1-3/8-8UN-2A 21-124-R06GGO PD:1.2912-1.2916   inch
 NOGO PD:1.2844-1.2848 inch
1-3/8-12UNF-2A 21-124-R07HGO PD:1.3187-1.3190   inch
 NOGO PD:1.3127-1.3130 inch
1-1/2-8UN-2A 21-124-R08KGO PD:1.4162-1.4166   inch
  NOGO PD:1.4093-1.4097 inch
1-5/8-8UN-2A 21-124-R09LGO PD:1.5411-1.5416   inch
  NOGO PD:1.5342-1.5347 inch
1-3/4-8UN-2A  21-124-R11M通规:1.6660-1.6665   inch
 NOGO PD:1.6590-1.6595 inch
1-3/4-8UN-2A  21-124-R13NGO PD:1.6660-1.6665   inch
 NOGO PD:1.6590-1.6595 inch
2.000-8UN-2A 21-124-R15OGO PD:1.9160-1.9165   inch
    止规:1.9087-1.9092 inch
2-12UN-2A 21-124-R17PGO PD:1.9437-1.9441   inch
 NOGO PD:1.9380-1.9384 inch
2-1/8-12UN-2A 21-124-R19Q通规:2.0687-2.0691   inch
 NOGO PD:2.0630-2.0634 inch
2-1/4-12UN-2A 21-124-R21RGO PD:2.1937-2.1941   inch
 NOGO PD:2.1880-2.1884 inch
2-3/8-8UN-2A  21-124-R23SGO PD:2.2909-2.2914   inch
 NOGO PD:2.2833-2.2838 inch
2-3/8-8UN-2A  21-124-R25T通规:2.2909-2.2914   inch
 NOGO PD:2.2833-2.2838 inch
2-7/8-12UN-2A 21-124-R27UGO PD:2.8186-2.8190   inch
    止规:2.8127-2.8131 inch
3.000-8UN-2A 21-124-R29VGO PD:2.9157-2.9162   inch
 NOGO PD:2.9077-2.9082 inch
3.000-12UN-2A 21-124-R31WGO PD:2.9436-2.9440   inch
 NOGO PD:2.9377-2.9381 inch
3.250-8UN-2A 21-124-R33XGO PD:3.1657-3.1662   inch
 NOGO PD:3.1575-3.1580 inch
3.750-8UN-2A 21-124-R35YGO PD:3.6656-3.6661   inch
 NOGO PD:3.6571-3.6576 inch
1.000-5ACME-2G-LH 21-124-R37ZGO PD:0.8910-0.8920   inch
 NOGO PD:0.8726-0.8736 inch
1-1/8-6 ACME-2G-LH 21-124-R39HGO PITDIAMETER:1.0323-1.0332   inch
 NOGO PD:1.0146-1.0155 inch
1-5/8-6 MOD ACME-2G 21-124-R41FGO PD:1.5061-1.5070   inch
 NOGO PD:1.4970-1.4979 inch

2.268-10 STUB   ACME-2G21-129-P55KGO PD:56.8488-56.8630   mm
 NOGO PD:57.3009-57.3151 mm

2 1/2-4 HBPV LH



21-108-P888通规大径:2.4895-2.4900   inch
    通规中径:2.4520-2.4525 inch
    止规大径:2.4895-2.4900 inch
    止规中径:2.4615-2.4620 inch

1-1/2-6UNC-2A T00000259通规:1.3889-1.3893   inch
    止规:1.3812-1.3816 inch