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    Publish time 2024-01-12 08:42    

With its Pasty initial consistency (modelling clay), the LC-AD can be applied manually on vertical or overhead surfaces.


M90 is the only malleable product to become rigid after curing. The final impression has a hardness of 90 Shore A, which means that it is non-flexible and cannot deform when removed from the mold. This plastiform can only be used on simple shapes, without any Extraction Constraint.

The rigidity of the M90 allows it to be measurable with contact. This feature can be useful for repeated indicative checks that do not require micron accuracy. Its rigidity is also highly appreciated to protect fragile parts, it prevents vibration and resonance phenomena.

The M90 is recommended for creating rigid impressions of simple external shapes (threads, grooves, grooves, etc.). It is generally used on medium to large parts.

m90 curing time chart

ProductInitial consistencyFinal consistencyFinal hardnessMaximum extraction constraintWorking time at 20°cSetting time at 20°cAccuracyDouble Blade CutterCaliber
M90Manual PuttyRigid900%+/- 45 sec+/- 4 min+/- µmNoYes

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