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 For worldwide to provide good quality thread gages and professional instrumentation equipment

       SOWANT Precision Gage Co., Ltd. was founded in SUZHOU city on August-31th, 2012 with registration capital 2 million RMB. It is a professional corporation for manufacturing all kinds of ordinary thread gauges and API thread gauges that has been using in many international companies, such as GE/ Baker Hughes/ Emerson/Parker;SOWANT GAGE has 12 years of experience in thread gauges production and testing. Most of our employees have college education or above. The technicians have received professional operation training in metrological institutes and got the certificate of metrologist. SOWANT Precision Gage Co., Ltd. product lines include:

1.UN Thread Gages (UN Gages/UNF Thread gages/UNS Thread gages/UNJF thread Gage)

2.M Thread Gages (M thread Ring Gages/M thread Plug Gages)

3.Acme Thread Gages (Acme thread Ring gages/plug gages/Centralized acme threads-ACME-2C)

4.Stub Acme Thread Gages (Stub Acme thread Ring Gages/thread Plug Gages)

5.Buttress Thread Gages (BUTTRESS thread Ring Gage and Thread Plug Gages)

6.MJB Thread GagesMJB metric series of buttress screw threads-SAE MA 1696 

7.Trapezoidal thread Gage (Trapezoidal thread ring gauges and plug gauges)

8.G Thread Gages- ISO 228 -2 (G thread gauges, parallel pipe thread Gage)

9.Custom thread gagesMade thread gages according customer prints

10.Special Gauge(thread location gages/thread depth thread gauges)

11.API Oil & Gas (API SPEC 5B GAGES/ API SPEC 7-2 GAGES/ API SPEC 11B GAGESChina Made API thread Gauges

12.Thread Profile Gage (ACME profile Gage/Stub ACME profile gage/API thread profile gages)


14.R/RP/RC/BSPP/BSPT(ISO 7-2 Thread gages/ EN 10226 thread gauges)


16.Cylindrical /plain GO/NOGO

17.Taper Plain Gages include LUER Gages, API Taper plain gauges

18.Carbide Pin Gauge

19.Ceramic block Gauge(include Pin Gage/block gauges)

20.Air Plugs/Air Ring/Master (Electronic column/Master Disc/Master Ring/Air Gauge )

21.Hardness tester/blocks(Rockwell hardness Tester/Brinell Hardness Tester/blocks)

22.Gamemaker, LP.(Lead gages/pitch diameter gages/tooth height gages/groove gages)/INSIZE/Mitutoyo/Cameron ball gage/Other Measurement Device/Calibration service

        SOWANT Precision Gage Co., Ltd Team will provide highest quality products and services that meet your technical needs and are delivered in time at the guaranteed lowest price.


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