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Cylinder Ring Gage/plain Gage
    Publish time 2023-02-05 16:01    

Plain cylindrical ring gauges are ideal for inspecting outside diameters of manufactured parts. With go/no go gages, an inspector can quickly pass or fail parts

Cylinder Ring Gage/plain Gage

Plain Cylindrical Ring Gages also referred to as Plain Cylindrical Ring Gauges are used to check the outside diameter limit on manufactured parts.

Custom Cylindrical Ring Gages. Class X, Y, Z or ZZ; Direction of Tolerance: GO (Minus Tolerance); NoGo (Plus Tolerance); Master (Bilateral Tolerance)

Cylindrical ring gages may be used as master gages to set variable measuring tools. One calibrated master ring may be used to set multiple

Ring Gages Plain Cylindrical ... Plain Ring Gages are used to check external diameters of straight round parts and to set other gages, such as bore gages

Ring gauges are metrology tools that are used for gaging the outer diameters of pins, shafts, splines, fasteners, dowels, studs, and other machined cylindrical

Using plug and ring gages is the one of the quickest ways to verify that products meet the print requirements. Commonly referred to a Limit Gaging or Functional

China made cylindrial ring gage,lower price

1/4-28UNF-2B   Preplating
GO PD:0.2284-0.2287   inch
NOGO PD:0.2316-0.2319 inch
GO PD:0.2255-0.2258   inch
NOGO PD:0.2225-0.2228 inch

GO PD:74.7674-74.7756   mm
NOGO PD:74.6176-74.6257 mm

2.000-8UN- 2B
GO PD:1.9188-1.9193   inch
NOGO PD:1.9284-1.9289 inch
2-1/2-8 UN-2B
GO PD:2.4188-2.4193   inch
NOGO PD:2.4289-2.4294 inch
1 1/4"-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:1.1616-1.1620   inch
NOGO PD:1.1560-1.1564 inch
1 1/2“-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:1.4126-1.4130   inch
NOGO PD:1.4050-1.4054 inch
1 3/4"-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:1.6625-1.6630   inch
NOGO PD:1.6550-1.6555 inch
2"-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:1.9115-1.9120inch
NOGO PD:1.9040-1.9045 inch
2 1/2"-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:2.4075-2.4080   inch
NOGO PD:2.4000-2.4005 inch
1.000-8UN-2A MOD
GO PD:0.9164-0.9168   inch
NOGO PD:0.9108-0.9112 inch

1.125-5 STUB ACME-2G RH 29°
GO PD:1.0650-1.0660   inch
NOGO PD:1.0840-1.0850 inch
1.125-5 STUB ACME-2G RH 29°
GO PD:1.0540-1.0550   inch
NOGO PD:1.0370-1.0380 inch
1.375-6 STUB ACME-2G    RH
GO PD:1.3251-1.3260   inch
NOGO PD:1.3434-1.3443 inch
1.375-6 STUB ACME-2G    RH
GO PD:1.3147-1.3156   inch
NOGO PD:1.2964-1.2973 inch

       Plain ring gage is can been used as master to setting bore gages  or internal groove gage, or as GO/NOGO gage to check internal or external diameters, is very fast. sowant precision gages can produce steel plain ring gage, carbide ring gage, ceramic ring gage. we can ship out it in 3 weeks with calibration report if you wanted.sowant precision gage also can product API thread gages ,acme thread ring gage, stub acme thread ring gages.