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Mitutoyo Gage Block Sets
    Publish time 2023-02-15 08:45    

Mitutoyo Rectangular CERAMIC Gage Block Sets Metric

Mitutoyo Gage Block Sets

Mitutoyo Rectangular CERAMIC Gage Block Sets Metric


Mitutoyo Gage Block Sets

Available in Steel, Ceramic, Rectangular & Square.

Precision gage blocks are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. Mitutoyo offers a complete selection of gage blocks available
in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch and steel or CERA (ceramic) types.

We offer a variety of Mitutoyo Gage Block Sets in 8pc, 35pc, & 81pc sets to choose from to help our customers find the set that will best fit their needs.

Mitutoyo offers their Gage Blocks in the following Grades...

Grade AS-1

  • Intended for shop floor use to set and calibrate fixtures as well as precision instruments.

Grade 0

  • Used with an inspection area to verify the accuracy of plug and snap gages as well as for setting electronic measuring devices.

Grade 00

  • These higher accuracy gages are intended for use within a controlled environment by skilled inspection staff. Mainly used as reference standards for setting high precision measuring equipment and for the calibration of lower grade gage blocks.

  • All Mitutoyo gage blocks meet or exceed all known specifications. The flatness, parallelism and surface finish necessary to achieve the required accuracies are the same as or better than government requirements.

  • STEEL - High-carbon, high-chrome steel is employed to sufficiently satisfy a variety of material characteristics required for gage blocks. A high degree of hardness, obtained by our heat treatment technology, as well as methodically repeated heat treatment, have successfully reduced deterioration change over time.

  • CERA (Ceramic) - CERA blocks, made of ceramic materials with superior surface quality, were developed by Mitutoyo’s ultra-precision machining techniques and solve problems commonly associated with steel gage blocks.

516-371-11 / 88-piece Ceramic Gauge Block Set, Metric, Grade 1