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Mitutoyo 342-251-30
    Publish time 2023-02-17 13:28    

Mitutoyo 342-251-30 MICROMETER, POINT, 15°, 0-25MM, 0.001MM, IP65

Mitutoyo 342-251-30

Mitutoyo 342-251-30 MICROMETER, POINT, 15°, 0-25MM, 0.001MM, IP65

This Digimatic Point Micrometer features a pointed anvil and spindle, and offers the following benefits:

  • Its pointed anvil and spindle has a choice of included angle,
    ending in small-radius contact points.

  • You can use it to measure grooves, steps and similar.

Mitutoyo 342-251-30 Offers


  • IP65 water/dust protection

  • 15 degree or 30 degree measuring points

  • Non-slip grip finish

  • The measuring points have approximately 0.3 mm or .012" radius

  • With ratchet stop for constant force

  • With SPC output

  • Other functions include: 0rigin-set, zero / ABS, data hold, function lock, alarm

    Mitutoyo Part # = 342-251-30

  • Mitutoyo Digimatic Point Micrometer 0-25mm

  • This Mitutoyo digimatic point micrometer has a pointed spindle and a pointed anvil for measuring the web thickness of drills, small grooves, keyways and other hard-to-reach dimensions. The measuring points have approximately 0.3mm radius, with a ratchet stop for constant force.

  • Contact Microscope World for information on having this instrument calibrated.

  • Range = 0-25mm

  • Accuracy = +/- 2µm

  • Point = 15°

  • Resolution = 0.001mm

  • Data Output = Yes, SPC cable with data switch is available.

  • Display = LCD

  • Protection = IP65 water/dust protection.

  • Battery = SR44, battery life approximately 1 year under normal use.

  • Functions = origin-set, zero/ABS, data hold, function lock, low voltage alarm, counting value composition error alarm.

  • Case = includes fitted plastic case.