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Setting Ring ,Master Ring
    Publish time 2023-03-16 14:18    

Setting Ring  ,Master Ring,steel ring gauge,
china plain ring gauges,GO/NOT GO/Master
bore gaging setting ring, air gauge setting ring

Setting Ring  ,Master Ring

Master steel setting ring gauges are used for setting of measuring instruments like horizontal comparators, length measuring machines for ID checking, dial bore gauges ,air plug gages etc.Sowant precision gage Co.,ltd can offer you Cr15 steel ring gauges with ±0.001mm tolerance in 2 weeks, all ring gauges can with CNAS calibration report. Call us for price.

    Sowant is a leader supplier of thread gauges and plain ring gauges in China, we can export all gauges and mitutoyo products and INSIZE products and Acme thread gauges ,stub acme thread gages ,and API gauges to your directly. call us for price.