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Fischer series FMP 10-20
    Publish time 2023-03-29 10:02    

Fischer series FMP 10-20 China price list
The portable FMP10, FMP20, FMP30 & FMP40 represent precise measurement China distributor

Fischer series FMP 10-20

Sowant Precision Gage is a professional all kinds gauges supplier, include traditional gauge ,INSIZE calipers,Mitutoyo Mircometers,Mahr depth gages,Fischer fmp 10-20 Coating Thickness Gauge and  China made  Coating Thickness Gauge in very cheaper price. We also is produce all kinds thread gauges,Acme thread ring gauges,Stub acme thread gauges,buttress thread ring gauges.

Fischer FMP10, FMP20, FMP30, and FMP40 Handheld Instruments

Sowant precision gage can offer you The portable FMP10, FMP20, FMP30 & FMP40 represent precise measurement technology and are ideal for samples and control measurements. These user-friendly and sturdy instruments can be adapted to requirements of coating thickness measurement using interchangeable measuring probes. The most significant values are displayed and can be stored together with the calibration results in the instrument, ensuring quick and reliable operation. please contact us when you need it.