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China Ceramic Plug Gague
    Publish time 2023-05-17 10:08    

China Ceramic Pin Gauge manufacturers - Select 2023 high quality Ceramic Pin Gauge products in best price from certified Chinese Gauge Set

China Ceramic Plug Gague

Sowant Precision Gage can offer you the high quality ceramic plug gage, ceramic pin gage set, ceramic gauge blocks, also we can produce Acme thread ring gauge,stub acme thread ring gauge, Buttress thread ring gauge, mitutoyo calipers,insize depth gages.

ceramice GO/NOGO plug gage

China made ceramic plug gage

lead time:2 weeks with calibration report

螺纹环规1.25-5 ACME-2G LH通规中径:1.1401-1.1411   inch
    止规中径:1.1210-1.1220 inch
螺纹塞规1.25-5 ACME-2G LH通规中径:1.1500-1.1510   inch
    止规中径:1.1691-1.1701 inch

螺纹环规1.875-10 STUB   ACME-2G 通规中径:1.8336-1.8343   inch
    止规中径:1.8166-1.8173 inch

螺纹塞规2   1/2-6STUB ACME-2G通规中径:2.4500-2.4509   inch
    通规大径:2.5100-2.5120 inch
    止规中径:2.4708-2.4717 inch
    止规大径:2.4730-2.4750 inch

螺纹环规1/4-16ACME-2G通规中径:0.2142-0.2148   inch
    止规中径:0.2043-0.2049 inch
螺纹塞规1/4-16ACME-2G通规中径:0.2188-0.2194   inch
    止规中径:0.2287-0.2293 inch

螺纹塞规1 1/4-6 ACME-2G LH

螺纹塞规2-4ACME-2G LH

螺纹环规1.250-6TUB ACME-2G通规中径:1.1902-1.1911   inch
    止规中径:1.1730-1.1739 inch

螺纹塞规1   1/4-6ACME-2G
螺纹环规1   1/4-6ACME-2G
螺纹塞规6.5-4   ACME-2G
螺纹环规6.5-4   ACME-2G

螺纹塞规2.754-6 ACME 2G GO   带手柄通规大径:2.7640-2.7660   inch
    通规中径:2.6707-2.6716 inch
螺纹塞规2.754-6 ACME 2G NOGO   带手柄止规大径:2.7103-2.7123   inch
    止规中径:2.6920-2.6929 inch

螺纹环规4.250-4TPI ACME-2G通规中径:4.1039-4.1050   inch
    止规中径:4.0950-4.0961 inch
螺纹塞规5.000-4TPI ACME-2G通规中径:4.8750-4.8761   inch
    止规中径:4.9019-4.9030 inch

PLUG GAGE6 1/2-2 HBPV LH GO W/12inch long handles
PLUG GAGE5 1/2-4 HBPV LH  W/12inch long handles
PLUG GAGE4-13/16-4 HBPV   LH  W/12inch long handles
PLUG GAGE5-4 HBPV LH GO W/12inch long handles
PLUG GAGE2-4 HBPV LH GO W/12inch long handles