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BX/R/J Groove Calipers
    Publish time 2024-03-22 16:36    

RTJ API Ring Groove measuring Digital Caliper

BX/R/J Groove Calipers

China made RTJ Ring Groove Digital Calipers in lower price

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RTJ API Ring Groove measuring Digital Caliper  


  • RTJ (ring type joint facing) API Ring Groove Digital Calipers, RING JOINT GROOVE measuring instruments, RTJ ring groove measuring instruments, rjt vernier caliper

  • This special caliper is used to measure the ring groove or ring joint in valve flange and pipe flange.

  • Denotes API critical dimension, break sharp corner typical, groove dimensions for type "R" and "RX" gaskets, size API 6A, API 3-5m ANSI.

  • With presetting function, so it is easy for origin-setting.

  • Can measure the outside and inside diameter of the RTJ and API (Ring Type Joint) ring groove. So you can calculate the pitch diamter by below formula: Preset 20mm before measuring, PCD means pitch circle diameter, PCD=(ID+OD)/2 ; Also this caliper can easy measure actually ID and OD for ring joint. Actually OD=reading+10mm, Actually ID=reading-10mm;

  • Available with conical and accurate cutting points.

  • The angle of the jaws/claw:23°  23 degree angle,

  • octagonal gasket and block ring sealing structure,oval type ring joint gaskets.

Product Description

Digital dedicated 23 degree blade type for measurement of Ring Type Joint grooves with groove dimensions and blades. 

1. Used to measure the ring groove in valve flange and pipe flange.
2. Can measure the outside diameter /inside diameter /pitch diamter of RTJ (Ring Type Joint ) ring groove.
3. With presetting function, easy to origin-setting.
4. Available with conical and accurate cutting points.
5. mm/inch conversion
6. Zero-setting at any position
7.Save time,save money
8. The angle of jaws: 23 degree
9. Large ranges are also available
10. Waterproof type is also available(New)

Measuring RangeOrder No.ResolutionLimit Error

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