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ISO thread ring Gage
    Publish time 2024-03-31 10:41    

China Made ISO thread ring Gage
Chinese ISO thread ring Gage in cheap price
ISO thread ring Gage ,short delivery time

ISO thread ring Gage

China made ISO thread gages Product information "Thread ring gauges set with ISO metric thread"

Thread ring gauges set with ISO metric thread DIN 13, Standard.

  • gauges are made of hardened tool steel

  • for metric ISO-regular thread, right

  • tolerance 6g

  • ring gauge M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 optionally "GO" / "NOGO" / "GO and NOGO"

ISO Metric thread gauges China supplier & chian factory

ISO Metric thread ring gauges & ISO metric thread plug gauges in China 

1. Thread Ring gages used to check external thread, thread plug gages used to check internal thread.

2. GO & NOGO, RH(right hand)  & LH(left hand) available

3, range  From M2-M500 many standard sizes in stock, delivery in 1 weeks with calibration reports

4. tolerance :Standard tolerance: Plug 6H &  ring 6g, if no special note, ring gage 6g, plug gage 6H will be choosed.

Plug gauge thread class: 4H,5G,5H,6G,6H,7G,7H

Ring gauge thread class: 4h,5g,5h,6g,6h,6e, 7h

5. Standard: All these ISO metric thread gauges are made according to standard ISO13 and ASME B1.16M .

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