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China ACME thread Plug
    Publish time 2024-04-03 13:52    

Acme Thread Plug Gages are used to gage internal threaded product. Acme Thread Plug Gages are priced on request, We manufacture, ACME, STUB ACME, Buttress and other thread forms to ANSI

China ACME thread Plug

Sowant precision gage cmanufactures any size in both ACME and STUB ACME plug and ring gauges. Class 2G is the standard fit. Class 3G and 4G are tighter fits. All gages are 29 degree full angle. Modified gauges are available upon request.

ACME Thread Gages and Stub Acme Thread Gages.

The Major and Minor Diameter allowances for Stub Acme threads are the same as those given for General Purpose Acme threads. Pitch Diameter allowances for Stub Acme threads are the same as for Class 2G General Purpose  Stub Acme thread Plug Gages and Ring Gages are used for thin walled applications, where coarse pitch is needed like tubes used in Oil fields equipments, where standard ACME threads can not be used due to thin wall.

  • Gauge dimensions for Acme threads are as per ASME B1.5 and Stub Acme as per ANSI/ASME B1.8

  • Most commonly used class is 2G. If less backlash is desired in acme threads, 3G & 4G class are used

  • The height of Acme threads is 0.5p, whereas the height of Stub Acme threads is 0.3p

螺纹环规2-10STUB   ACME-2G
螺纹环规4-4 HBPV LH
螺纹塞规1.125-6STUB ACME-2G
螺纹塞规2-6 Stub Acme-2G
螺纹塞规2 1/2-6 Stub Acme-2G
螺纹塞规1 3/4-4HBPV LH

螺纹环规-左旋TR240 X 4-8e LH
螺纹环规-左旋TR290 X 4-7e LH

螺纹环规2-10STUB ACME-2G

螺纹环规7/8-5 ACME LH   MODIFIED
螺纹塞规7/8-5   ACME LH MODIFIED

螺纹环规1 5/9-6ACME-2G

螺纹塞规2-3/4-8STUB ACME-2G
螺纹环规-左旋4-8STUB ACME-2G-LH

螺纹环规1 1/4-12 STUB ACME-2G
螺纹环规4 1/8-3 ACME-2G

螺纹环规4 1/8-3 ACME-2G

螺纹塞规4.6250-4 ACME-2G
螺纹环规1.2500-5 ACME MOD LH
螺纹环规1.000-5 ACME MOD LH

螺纹塞规3.750-4 STUB ACME-2G   LH
螺纹塞规2.690-4 STUB ACME-2G   LH
螺纹环规3.750-4 STUB ACME-2G   LH

螺纹环规2-10STUB ACME-2G


螺纹环规-左旋1.500-5MODIFIED ACM   LH

螺纹塞规6.125-0.25P-0.5L   ACME-2G

螺纹塞规5-4HBPV LH
螺纹塞规2.5-6 STUB ACME-2G-RH

     Sowant precision gage Co.,ltd have many kinds Acme thread plug gages and Acme thread ring gages in stock, we can send to you in 1 weeks with 3rd calibration report,  we also can offer you UN thread gages.API thread gages,BCSG thread gages, REG thread ring gages, and many other brand gages which made in China.