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China High quality thread gages manufactory,the delivery time is 3-4 weeks, is that right?
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1 5/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G 1 7/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G 7/8-5 ACME-2G LH 1 1/4-5 ACME-2G LH 2 3/4-4 STUB ACME-2G

China High quality thread gages manufactory,the delivery time is 3-4 weeks, is that right?

SOWANT PRECISION GAGE-a Leader of Chinese Gage Supplier, We can offer traditional gauges such as calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, API GAGE, Cylindrical Gage, Thread Gage, Air Gage, Spline Gage, Hardness test blocks, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments like hardness tester, vision measuring machine and so on. SOWANT products are mainly manufactured in China.

Our expanded product lines include: 
• Precision Thread and Plain Gages - Largest Stocking Inventory of Standards and Specials 
• Taps and Dies – Popular Special Sizes and made to Blueprint Specifications
• API Plug and Ring Gages
• Medical Gages
• Full service Metrology Laboratories for tool calibration, repair and onsite services 
• Hardness Testing Products - Largest Selection of Hardness Testers and Accessories 
• Industrial Tools and Supplies – INSIZE/ACCUD/GUANGLU/CHENGLIANG/LINKS….

SOWANT Precision Gage Co., Ltd. is a full-service gage company offering a complete line of precision thread plug and thread ring gages, plain cylindrical plug and ring gages, taper plain gages, hardness tester, test blocks, custom thread gauges, air plug gage, air ring gages, API pipe gages, API master thread gages, spline gages, cutting tools, master discs, master rings, Mitutoyo,Mahr,Gagemaker,insize,Cameron ball gages, Starrett, Fowler, Flexbar, SPI.

1   3/4-8UN-2A T00000246
1 5/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G T00000247
1 7/8-4 STUB ACEM-2G T00000248
7/8-5 ACME-2G LH T00000249
1 1/4-5 ACME-2G LH T00000250
1/4-20UNC-2B T00000251
2 3/4-4 STUB ACME-2G T00000252
3 1/8-4 STUB ACME-2G T00000253
3/8-16UNC-2B T00000254
1 3/8-8UN-2B T00000255


5 3/16-4 HBPV LH

5/16-18 UNC-2A 21-124-R01A
1/2-13UNC-2A  21-124-R02C
5/8-11UNC-2A 21-124-R03D
1-1/8-10UNS-2A 21-124-R04E
1-1/4-8UN-2A 21-124-R05F
1-3/8-8UN-2A 21-124-R06G
1-3/8-12UNF-2A 21-124-R07H
1-1/2-8UN-2A 21-124-R08K
1-5/8-8UN-2A 21-124-R09L
1-3/4-8UN-2A  21-124-R11M
1-3/4-8UN-2A  21-124-R13N
2.000-8UN-2A 21-124-R15O
2-12UN-2A 21-124-R17P
2-1/8-12UN-2A 21-124-R19Q
2-1/4-12UN-2A 21-124-R21R
2-3/8-8UN-2A  21-124-R23S
2-3/8-8UN-2A  21-124-R25T
2-7/8-12UN-2A 21-124-R27U
3.000-8UN-2A 21-124-R29V
3.000-12UN-2A 21-124-R31W
3.250-8UN-2A 21-124-R33X
3.750-8UN-2A 21-124-R35Y
1.000-5ACME-2G-LH 21-124-R37Z
1-1/8-6 ACME-2G-LH 21-124-R39H
1-5/8-6 MOD ACME-2G 21-124-R41F

2.268-10 STUB   ACME-2G21-129-P55K

2 1/2-4 HBPV LH

1-1/2-6UNC-2A T00000259