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Our gage list which in stock or short delivery time, 2 weekS? do you make thread profile gages?
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Our gage list which in stock or short delivery time, 2 week? do you make thread profile gages? yes , we can offer thread profile gage, like ACME profile gage, stub acme profile gage...

Ring Gage

Namespecificationserial numberpitch diameter

Ring Gage1   1/2-6 ACME-2G LH
21-820-R087LGO PD:1.4060-1.4069   inch
    止规:1.3873-1.3882 inch

Plug Gage3/4-5 Stub Acme-2G21-823-P16AGO PD:17.5311-17.5514   mm
    止规:17.9781-17.9984 mm

Plug Gage0.138-40UNJF-3B21-825-P17DGO PD:0.1220-0.1222   inch
    止规:0.1241-0.1243 inch
Plug Gage0.138-40UNJF-3B GO21-825-P18G通规:0.1220-0.1222 inch

Plug Gage3/4-16UNF-2B(带合格证)21-825-P62E通规:0.7094-0.7097   inch
    止规:0.7156-0.7159 inch

Plug Gage5/16-18UNC-2B .006   Oversize21-825-P303
通规大径:0.3185-0.3190   inch
    GO PD:0.2824-0.2827 inch
    止规大径:0.3113-0.3118 inch
    止规中径:0.2874-0.2877 inch
Plug Gage0.828-10UNS-2B SPL21-825-P56A
通规大径:0.8280-0.8286   inch
    GO PD:0.7630-0.7633 inch
    止规大径:0.8117-0.8123 inch
    止规中径:0.7687-0.7690 inch

Plug Gage0.750-10UNC-2B LH21-825-P91FGO PD:0.6850-0.6853   inch
    止规:0.6924-0.6927 inch

Plug Gage2   19/32-12 Stub Acme-2G21-827-P01HGO PD:65.2506-65.2628   mm
    止规:65.7001-65.7123 mm

Plug Gage4-4   HBPV LH
21-830-P59B通规大径:3.9845-3.9850   inch
    GO PD:3.9470-3.9475 inch
    止规大径:3.9845-3.9850 inch
    止规中径:3.9565-3.9570 inch

Plug Gage6   5/16-2 HBPV LH
21-830-P61S通规大径:6.3265-6.3270   inch
    GO PD:6.2485-6.2490 inch
    止规大径:6.3265-6.3270 inch
    止规中径:6.2580-6.2585 inch

Plug Gage1 1/8-8UN-2B21-903-P10AGO PD:26.5146-26.5227   mm
    止规:26.7330-26.7411 mm

Ring Gage6.665-12 UNJS-3A21-907-R09WGO PD:6.6096-6.6102   inch
    止规:6.6055-6.6061 inch

2-20UN-2A21-907-R16TGO PD:1.9656-1.9660   inch
    止规:1.9611-1.9615 inch

Plug Gage2-20UN-2B21-907-P27YGO PD:1.9675-1.9679   inch
    止规:1.9735-1.9739 inch

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