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12.25-4 ACME-3G
    Publish time 2024-04-04 15:42    

China made big Acme thread plug gages and thread ring gages in high quality.

12.25-4 ACME-3G

Chinese acme thread plug gages and acme thread ring gages

Sowant precision gage co.,ltd manufactures any size in both ACME and STUB ACME plug and ring gauges. Class 2G is the standard fit. Class 3G and 4G are tighter fits. All gages are 29 degree full angle. Modified gauges are available upon reques, more detail can contact us 

     Sowant precision gage co.,ltd. offers a complete line of standard and special General Purpose Acme Go/No Go Thread Plug Gages per ASME B1.5 ‐ 1997 all them made in China. Acme Thread Plug Gages are used to gage internal threaded product. Acme Thread Plug Gages are priced on request. The following Acme thread list of diameters and associated pitches are recommended as preferred, if you have any more question about this kind gages ,please let us know. The Acme threads below have been specifically selected to meet requirements with the least number of items in order to keep to a minimum the inventory of gages and tooling. Other size combinations including multiple start Acme threads, centralizing acme threads, and diameters over 5.0 inches can be priced on request. Acme General Purpose threads have 3 classes of fit ‐ 2G, 3G, and 4G.

China made Acme thread gages

    Centralizing Acme threads have classes of fit designated as 2C, 3C, and 4C. Acme threads feature a 29 degree angle of thread which is the angle between the sides of the thread measured in an axial plane. All Acme Thread Plug Gage lengths and blank standards are per ASME B47.1. The gaging system specified in ASME B1.3M for 60 degree threads is applicable for 29 degree Acme threads except for some gage requirements.

ACME Thread Plug Gages made in China


  • Gages an internal threaded product

  • 3 classes of fit – 2G, 3G, 4G

  • Centralizing ACME threads classes of fit:: 2C, 3C, 4C

  • ACME thread plug gages compliant to ASME B1.5-1997

  • ACME thread plug gage lengths and blank standards compliant to ASME B47.1

1.25-5   ACME-2G LH通规中径:1.1401-1.1411   inch
    止规中径:1.1210-1.1220 inch
1.25-5 ACME-2G   LH通规中径:1.1500-1.1510   inch
    止规中径:1.1691-1.1701 inch

1.875-10 STUB   ACME-2G 通规中径:1.8336-1.8343   inch
    止规中径:1.8166-1.8173 inch

2 1/2-6STUB ACME-2G通规中径:2.4500-2.4509   inch
    通规大径:2.5100-2.5120 inch
    止规中径:2.4708-2.4717 inch
    止规大径:2.4730-2.4750 inch

1/4-16ACME-2G通规中径:0.2142-0.2148   inch
    止规中径:0.2043-0.2049 inch
1/4-16ACME-2G通规中径:0.2188-0.2194   inch
    止规中径:0.2287-0.2293 inch

1 1/4-6   ACME-2G LHacme thread gages price in China

2-4ACME-2G LHChiense acme thread gages price 

1.250-6TUB   ACME-2G通规中径:1.1902-1.1911   inch
    止规中径:1.1730-1.1739 inch

1 1/4-6ACME-2G
1 1/4-6ACME-2G
6.5-4 ACME-2G
6.5-4 ACME-2G

2.754-6 ACME   2G GO 带手柄通规大径:2.7640-2.7660   inch
    通规中径:2.6707-2.6716 inch
2.754-6 ACME   2G NOGO 带手柄止规大径:2.7103-2.7123   inch
    止规中径:2.6920-2.6929 inch

4.250-4TPI   ACME-2G通规中径:4.1039-4.1050   inch
    止规中径:4.0950-4.0961 inch
5.000-4TPI   ACME-2G通规中径:4.8750-4.8761   inch
    止规中径:4.9019-4.9030 inch

6 1/2-2 HBPV LH GO 含加长手柄通规大径:6.5315-6.5320   inch
    通规中径:6.4535-6.4540 inch
5 1/2-4 HBPV LH含2根加长手柄 通规大径:5.5145-5.5150   inch
    通规中径:5.4770-5.4775 inch
    止规大径:5.5145-5.5150 inch
    止规中径:5.4865-5.4870 inch
4-13/16-4 HBPV LH GO含加长手柄通规大径:4.8245-4.8250   inch
    通规中径:4.7870-4.7875 inch
5-4 HBPV LH GO含加长手柄通规大径:5.0145-5.0150   inch
    通规中径:4.9770-4.9775 inch
2-4 HBPV LH GO含加长手柄通规大径:2.0245-2.0250   inch
    通规中径:1.9870-1.9875 inch

1 1/8-6ACME-2G   LH通规中径:26.2204-26.2433   mm
    通规小径:24.0360-24.0868 mm
    止规中径:25.7708-25.7937 mm
    止规小径:25.3992-25.4500 mm

TR220 X 4-7e   LH
TR240 X 4-8e   LH
TR250 X 4-7e   LH
TR275 X 4-7e   LH
TR290 X 4-7e   LH

2.5-4 HBPV LH GO

2 1/2-6 STUB   ACME-2G 
1 3/4-6 STUB   ACME-2G
1 3/8-6   ACME-2G 

1 3/8-6 STUB   ACME-2G 

ACME Thread Gages and Stub Acme Thread Gages.
The Major and Minor Diameter allowances for Stub Acme threads are the same as those given for General Purpose Acme threads. Pitch Diameter allowances for Stub Acme threads are the same as for Class 2G General Purpose  Stub Acme thread Plug Gages and Ring Gages are used for thin walled applications, where coarse pitch is needed like tubes used in Oil fields equipments, where standard ACME threads can not be used due to thin wall.

    Sowang precision gage can offer you the high quality Acme thread gages and stub acme thread ring and plug gages per ASME B1.5/ASME B1.8, all thread gages with 3rd calibration reports. Sowant also can offer you M standard ,UN thread gages per ANSI standard. gagemaker ,cameron ball gages, Mitutoyo depth gages,insize thread gages. please feel free to contact with us.